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BhashaLab Leaderboard Challenges for Adults

Winners of each competition will receive an achievement certificate. Their work will be featured on the BhashaLab Blog. All eligible participants will feature on the esteemed BhashaLab Leaderboard. 


BhashaLab Short Story Contest 

BhashaLab Leaderboard Winner Points: 300 

BhashaLab Leaderboard Participant Points: 100

Topic: A Second Chance (Max. 400 words)
To be submitted before: 30th April 2023

Video Feedback: On request

You can also submit via WhatsApp - +91 72084 80591

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BhashaLab Blog

Click on the icon to read our interesting blog. The blog includes experiences of our teachers, our learnings, grammar concepts and updates from the language world.

BhashaLab Super Shikres

The Shikre family is different. Each of them has a 'language' superpower which they use to solve world problems. Through their fun adventures they help to make the BhashaLab courses engaging. Click on the icon to know more about them. 

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