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'Active Listening' Workshop organized by BhashaLab for kids in Hari Om Nagar, Mulund East

BhashaLab organized an 'Active Listening' workshop for kids aged 6 and above in Hari Om Nagar, Mulund East on April 23rd, 2023 from 3 pm to 4 pm. The objective of the workshop was to teach children how to listen actively and engage in effective communication.

The workshop started with a fun icebreaker activity where the kids enjoyed some chocolates and played a round of 'Simon Says..' with lengthy instructions to prime them for the steps involved in 'Active Listening.' The facilitators encouraged the participants to ask questions in case they did not understand the instructions correctly.

The facilitators then taught the children about the essential steps of Active Listening, including focusing and using appropriate body language while listening, asking questions, paraphrasing, and responding with empathy. To practice these skills, the children listened to an interesting and age-appropriate news article with rapt attention. The facilitators fielded all their questions and provided helpful feedback and suggestions on how to improve their paraphrasing skills. The children then dared to paraphrase the news article in front of everyone, and the facilitator praised their efforts.

The workshop ended with a quick interaction with the parents regarding the courses offered by BhashaLab, and a few poses for the pictures. The feedback from the parents was very positive, with one parent commenting, "It was an excellent workshop, and my child enjoyed it thoroughly. Thank you, BhashaLab, for organizing such a useful workshop."

If you want to arrange a free workshop in your society, kindly reach out to BhashaLab at +91 86577 20901 or +91 836 936 3215.


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