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BhashaLab Ultimate मराठी काव्य तरंग - 5th Nov 2023 - Online Marathi Poetry Recitation Competition

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

📆 Competition Date: 5th November 2023

🌟 A Grand Platform for Marathi Poetry Enthusiasts

In celebration of the rich cultural heritage of Maharashtra, BhashaLab is proud to announce the "BhashaLab Ultimate मराठी काव्य तरंग" competition. This online event, scheduled for the 5th of November, promises to be a showcase of linguistic prowess, creativity, and a deep appreciation for Marathi poetry.

🎤 Age Categories and Topics:

  1. 4th to 7th Std: माझी शाळा (My School)

  2. 8th to 12th Std: माझे शहर, माझा अभिमान (My City, My Pride)

  3. Adults: नॉस्टॅल्जिया (Nostalgia) - ओढ

🕰️ Time Limit: Participants are allotted a maximum of 5 minutes to recite their chosen poem.

🗣️ Language: The recitation shall be in the beautiful Marathi language, celebrating its nuances and elegance.

🖥️ Mode: The competition will be held online, allowing participants to share their poetic talents from the comfort of their homes.

👔 Attire: Proper attire reflecting the solemnity of the occasion is expected from all participants.

🚫 No Props: The recitation shall rely solely on the participant's articulation and body language. No props or visual aids are permissible.

Time Penalty: Participants must adhere to the allocated time limit. Exceeding the time may attract penalties.

🤝 Decisions of Judges: The judges' decisions are final, upholding the integrity of the competition.

🤝 Code of Conduct: Respect and professionalism shall be maintained throughout the event.

📋 Assessment Criteria: Participants will be assessed based on the following criteria:

  • Poetic Expression: The ability to convey emotions and ideas effectively through poetry.

  • Articulation: Clear pronunciation and enunciation of Marathi words.

  • Engagement: The poem's ability to engage and captivate the audience.

  • Overall Presentation: Effective use of voice modulation and body language.

  • Relevance: How well the poem relates to the chosen theme.

  • Time Management: Adherence to the allocated time limit.

📝 Originality Clause: All poems presented in the competition must be original creations of the participants. Poems should not be sourced from the internet or any published material. Plagiarism will result in disqualification.

🏆 The Path of Recognition:

Beyond the competition itself, the Ultimate मराठी काव्य तरंग offers recognition:

  • Certificates: The top three participants from each category will receive certificates of distinction.

  • BhashaLab Leaderboard: Winners will earn 300, 250, and 200 points respectively, while other participants will receive 100 points on the BhashaLab Leaderboard.

  • Amplified Celebration: The triumphant performances will be showcased on BhashaLab's website and across all social media platforms.

  • BhashaLab Course Vouchers: The journey of language enrichment continues as winners and participants receive BhashaLab course vouchers.

📝 Registration Details:

Kindly register using the following link: Registration link

For Queries and Registration:

  • 📞 Contact: +91 86577 20901

  • 📧 Email:

  • 🌐 Website:

Join us on the 2nd of October for a celebration of Marathi poetry that promises to be a melodic journey through the heart and soul of Maharashtra. Let's come together to cherish the beauty of our language and culture.

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