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Super Shikres

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The Shikre family is different. Each of them has a 'language' superpower which they use to solve world problems. Through their fun adventures they help to make the BhashaLab courses engaging. We at BhashaLab have integrated the Super Shikres in our course material to make it more fun and engaging. Come, let's meet the Super Shikres.

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Dev lives in Thane, Maharashtra. Everyone calls him ‘D’. He is 42 years old. He is able to converse with machines. He received this ability while working on an unidentified spaceship. He often helps big organizations to repair their machines quickly. His workspace is called ‘BhashaLab’ which he shares with his other family members.

He is a proud father of two extraordinary kids.

Esha is Dev’s wife. She is 41 years old. She is able to converse with all humans, right from a one day old infant to a person of a different ethnicity. Languages are no barrier for her. She often helps law enforcement agencies and companies in their negotiations. She is very caring and loving. People trust her easily. Her kids call her Esha Mom.

She shares her workspace ‘BhashaLab’ with her husband and kids.

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Sasha is Dev and Esha’s daughter. She is 16.5 years old. She can converse with all animals. Her favorite animal is her pet cat ‘Pipo’. Esha is an aspiring vet. She is spends most of her time having a word with the animals in her locality who come to greet her. Most animals come to her when they are ill. She is their favorite.

Sasha often brings an ailing animal in the ‘BhashaLab’ for diagnosis and remedy.

Neel is Dev and Esha’s son. He is 12 years old. He can converse with all aliens. He is doing an internship under the ‘Alien Swap Program’. He helps ISRO and NASA to decode messages from aliens. He also helps them to search and identify the hidden aliens on the earth.

He is very empathetic and tries to help all aliens. He often brings an alien to ‘BhashaLab’ too.

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