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India of my dreams - Ruwan Sharma, Std 5

Updated: Feb 20

India of my dreams would be the most beautiful country in the world. We would make great advancements in the following areas:

  1. Technology

  2. Education

  3. Legal Environment

  4. Social Environment

  5. Socio Legal Environment

Technology - India of my dreams would be a pioneer in inter-planetary travel. We will make this happen at a very low cost.

Education - Every citizen of our nation should be provided free education till he or she completes post graduation.

Legal Environment - All the court proceedings will be online and all the procedures will be digital. This will help in quick adjudgement.

Social Environment - We will help the poor people by giving them education and opportunities for employment.

Socio Legal Environment - We will discourage corruption by incentivizing honest work.

We must focus on our shortcomings and promise ourselves to be better everyday.


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