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The origin of 'Super Shikres'

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

Day 1 - The co-founders of BhashaLab were brainstorming.

'What if 'Languages' were humans?' asked Ravi.

'Go on..' said Rahul as he quickly slurped in his Maggi strand.

'Which gender would you assign them?'

'Of course feminine.' Rahul said without any hesitation.

'Most contexts treat languages as females, don't they?' The question was as much to himself as to Rahul.

Rahul nodded and continued 'Urdu is a nazuk, beautiful and romantic girl.

Ravi smiled and joined in 'Marathi is a 'raangdi' girl.'

Hahah.. What does that even mean?

It means very raw and earthy.

Rahul had finished his Maggi. 'Hindi' is a 'respectful' girl.

They continued..

'Sanskrit' is an 'intelligent' girl.

'French' is a 'stylish' girl.

'English' is a 'boss' girl.

Ravi found it all very interesting. He was getting to know and understand 'languages' better. He liked how each language was a product of years of evolution. He also liked how each language had a distinct personality.

They summarized on the board.

Each language has a unique personality.

Languages are fun.

Languages are moody.

Languages learn from each other.

Languages evolve.

Day 2:

Rahul: What are we doing to make our language courses fun? We cannot always depend on our teacher's sense of humour to make it fun, right?

Ravi silently scribbled and doodled, thinking all the while.

Day 34

Rahul: Remember the other day we were discussing about making our courses fun? I may have an idea.

Ravi: Tell me..

Rahul proceeds to moot an idea about a family with language related superpowers. Through subsequent discussions and design iterations we are now ready with the Shikre family.

Please watch the video and let us know whether the Shikres will be successful in making languages fun for our students.

About BhashaLab

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