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What does the BhashaLab logo mean?

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

What does the BhashaLab logo mean?

1) Our logo consists of भा with an L inset which immediately tells the viewer about the edtech BhashaLab.

2) The 'dark' Black colour of the word 'Bhasha' shows our focus on languages.

3) The Cyan colour is indicative of research, intelligence and concentration.

4) The three circles connected by a ring are indicative of different stakeholders coming together - parents, teachers and students to develop language pedagogy.

About BhashaLab

BhashaLab is an educational platform dedicated to linguistic exploration and development. Our focus extends to a wide array of language-related projects, including courses that cover English creative writing skills, communication discourse, International English Olympiad preparation, and both basic and advanced English grammar.

Beyond a traditional language hub, BhashaLab is a dynamic space designed for language enthusiasts to experiment and engage with words. Our commitment is to treat languages with the precision they deserve, providing a vibrant environment for learning and growth.

The BhashaLab Leaderboard invites language enthusiasts to showcase their passion through exciting competitions. Additionally, our collection of BhashaLab books complements our courses, offering a comprehensive linguistic journey.

With a pedagogical approach that emphasizes continuous improvement, a multilingual learning strategy, rigorous sessions, tangible learning outcomes, and active parental involvement, BhashaLab ensures a perfect blend of study and enjoyment in every session.

Connect with us on our website and various social media platforms to join our linguistic journey and experience the excitement of learning!

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