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Experts in grammar

At BhashaLab, we explore languages and have fun with them.


We help you prepare for:

  1. English Creative Writing 

  2. Discourse - Communication Skills

  3. International English Olympiad

  4. Basic and Advanced English Grammar

  5. Situational English for all

   Contact: +918657720901, +919702112044


BhashaLab is about all of us. It is our space to experiment and have fun with languages. 

Languages are like classy ladies. They need to be treated just right. We like to have fun with languages by conducting crazy language competitions. 

If you are a language aficionado, you better be seen on the BhashaLab Leaderboard.


Our Course Features:

1. Pedagogy
We at BhashaLab know that ‘there is always a better pedagogy’. Towards this, we have cultivated a culture of continuous discussion and improvement of language pedagogy.

Son 1.1.png

2. Multilingual Approach
One understands better in their mother tongue. We teach the initial concepts in the student's mother tongue with gradual movement towards the target language.

3. Rigour 
The courses have multiple practice sessions. It’s more about making the student think rather than simply solving lots of questions. 

4. Learning Outcomes
BhashaLab guarantees learning outcomes. All sessions have predefined learning outcomes. This allows the facilitator to maintain an optimal mix of study and fun during the session.

5. Involvement of parents
Teaching a kid is a collaborative effort and requires the teachers and parents to come together. We keep the parents informed about their kid’s progress and also guide them about their role in the kids learning process. 



BhashaLab has really helped me with my English. The course was well-structured and comfortably paced. Some of the initial concepts were explained to me in Marathi with a gradual movement towards complete English. This approach reduced my apprehension about learning English. The facilitators were patient throughout the course and made me feel at ease. Thanks a lot!

Kamini Kothavade

BhashaLab helped my daughter Vedika with her creative writing. She is able to express herself much better now. They helped her develop the thought process required to write good essays and stories. The facilitator was really patient and allowed Vedika time to think. Thanks.

Mrs. Patade

Bhashalab contextualizes the courses as per the needs of the recipients. This makes the learning so much fun and effective.

Salil Pol

Supportive facilitators. Excellent teaching methods. Well done Bhashalab team👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Divya Kambale

Very useful. I liked and enjoyed the learning journey in these past few weeks. The instructor was very clear and taught very interestingly. Thanks to her. She looked poised and cheerful and professional..... Thank you BhashaLab team😇

Priyanka Dunghav

I have completed my BhashaLab course. It's totally worth it. I enjoyed the course and learnt a lot from it. This is the best online course I have taken. I loved the way they teach. Overall, I consider this a great course, with great facilitators. I would recommend it to everyone.

Ketki Pagare

In BhashaLab , I worked as a Market Research intern. It was a good experience working here. We had almost 3 meetings within that month and discussed how to proceed further. BhashaLab team is very approachable for any queries. So, I gained a good experience here. Thank You.

Surakati Deekshitha


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