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BhashaLab Ultimate Story Writer Competition, 05th April 2024

Are you ready to unleash your creativity and become the BhashaLab Ultimate Story Writer? Here's your chance to showcase your storytelling skills and have your story published globally!

Competition Categories:

Standard 1 to 3: (Choose any 1)

  • Theme 1: Magical Adventure in the Enchanted Forest Write a story about a group of friends who discover a magical portal in their backyard leading to an enchanted forest. What adventures await them?

  • Theme 2: The Curious Case of Talking Animals Imagine a world where animals can talk. Share a story about a young explorer who embarks on a journey to uncover the mystery behind this extraordinary phenomenon. Standard 4 to 7: (Choose any 1)

  • Theme 1: Time-Travelling Dilemma Craft a tale about a group of students who accidentally find a time-travelling device. How do they handle the responsibility, and what challenges arise?

  • Theme 2: Invention of a Dream Machine Explore a futuristic world where a young inventor creates a machine that allows people to experience their dreams. What happens when the machine falls into the wrong hands? Standard 8 to 10: (Choose any 1)

  • Theme 1: The Parallel Universe Conspiracy Dive into the world of science fiction by narrating a story where the protagonist stumbles upon a conspiracy involving parallel universes. Unravel the secrets!

  • Theme 2: A Quest for Lost Memories Tell a compelling story about a character who wakes up one day with no memories. As they embark on a quest to recover their past, they discover unexpected twists and turns.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Write an original story in a Word doc.

  • Maximum word limits: Standard 1 to 3 (400 words), Standard 4 to 7 (600 words), Standard 8 to 10 (1000 words).

  • Submit your entry by May 31, 2024, via email ( or WhatsApp (+91 86577 20901).

  • No entry fees.


  • Top 3 winning stories from each standard will be published in an illustrated story book available on Amazon (eBook and paperback). Only eBook - India eBook and Paperback - US, UK, Denmark, France, Spain, Italy, Netherland, Poland, Sweden, Japan, Canada, Australia

  • All other participant stories will be published on our website with author credits.

  • Points on The Ultimate BhashaLab Leaderboard: 1st (500), 2nd (450), 3rd (400), Standard-wise winners (300, 250, 200), Participants (100).


  • Ensure the story is original, as plagiarism will result in disqualification.

  • By participating, you agree to grant BhashaLab the rights to the published stories.

Let your imagination run wild and be the BhashaLab Ultimate Story Writer! Good luck!

For queries: +91 86577 20901



At BhashaLab, we embark on a linguistic adventure, making languages our playground. Whether it's honing your English creative writing skills, mastering communication discourse, acing the International English Olympiad, or delving into basic and advanced English grammar, we've got you covered!

🚀 Why BhashaLab?

BhashaLab is more than just a language hub; it's a vibrant space for language aficionados to experiment and have a blast with words. Like classy ladies, languages demand the right treatment, and we're here to deliver just that.

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Calling all language enthusiasts! If you're passionate about languages, elevate your status on the BhashaLab Leaderboard through our crazy language competitions. 🏅

Competitions and Leaderboard:

📚 BhashaLab Books: A Linguistic Journey

Immerse yourself in our world of language-related BhashaLab books that complement our dynamic courses.

🌟 Our Course Features:

1️⃣ Pedagogy: Embracing the philosophy that 'there is always a better pedagogy,' we foster continuous discussion and improvement in language teaching methods.

2️⃣ Multilingual Approach: We understand that one learns best in their mother tongue. That's why we begin with the familiar and gradually transition to the target language.

3️⃣ Rigour: Our courses are designed with multiple practice sessions, emphasizing critical thinking over rote memorization.

4️⃣ Learning Outcomes: BhashaLab guarantees tangible learning outcomes, ensuring a perfect blend of study and fun in every session.

5️⃣ Parental Involvement: Teaching is a collaborative effort. We keep parents informed about their child’s progress and guide them in actively participating in their learning journey.

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Join us on this linguistic journey where we turn learning into an exciting adventure! 🌍


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