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🏆 BhashaLab Ultimate मराठी काव्य तरंग Results Announcement

Celebrating Marathi Poetry Excellence!

On the vibrant cultural canvas of Maharashtra, BhashaLab proudly presents the results of the "BhashaLab Ultimate मराठी काव्य तरंग" competition held on the 5th of November 2023. This online extravaganza showcased the poetic brilliance, creativity, and profound love for Marathi poetry.

🌟 Age Categories and Topics:

4th to 7th Std: "माझी शाळा" (My School)

1) First Place: Yadnesh Powale - Model English School, Dombivli

2) Second Place: Manasi Upasani - Model English School, Dombivli

3) Third Place: Mansvi Thakur - Model English School, Dombivli

3) Third Place: Ananya Bhave - Model English School, Dombivli

3) Third Place: Aarohi Parekh - Model English School, Dombivli

3) Third Place: Kapil Patel - Model English School, Dombivli

8th to 12th Std: "माझे शहर, माझा अभिमान" (My City, My Pride)

1) First Place: Anushka Gangal - Ramnarain Ruia College, Mumbai

2) Second Place: Tirtha Pandit - Sathaye College, Mumbai

3) Third Place: Ayush Baile - K J Somaiya College of Science & Commerce, Mumbai

Adults: "नॉस्टॅल्जिया" (Nostalgia) - ओढ

  1. First Place: Anuja Lade - MES Abasaheb Garware College, Pune

Heartiest congratulations to all the participants for their mesmerizing recitations. Your dedication to the art of poetry truly illuminated the virtual stage. Kindly check your positions on the BhashaLab Leaderboard. Keep particiating in different competitions to improve your positions.

Leaderboard: Click

Special appreciation to Ms. Manisha Lohakare, a seasoned teacher with 37 years of experience and an MA in Marathi, for her valuable contribution as a judge.

🌈 Competition Highlights:

  • 64 participants registered from 14 different schools and 12 colleges.

  • 31 participants showcased their poetic talents on the day of the competition.

  • Maximum participation was from Model English School, Dombivli.

  • A heartfelt appreciation to the dedicated teacher at Model English School for encouraging and guiding the students. Thank you for fostering a love for Marathi poetry!

🙌 Thank you to everyone who contributed to the success of the "BhashaLab Ultimate मराठी काव्य तरंग" competition. Stay tuned for more cultural celebrations and linguistic adventures with BhashaLab! 📚🌐

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