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N.D.A & N.A Exam I - 2023 - Identify and correct the error

Welcome to our YouTube channel! In today's video, we will explore the fascinating world of time prepositions and their correct usage in English. Understanding how to use prepositions like 'in,' 'on,' and 'at' accurately is essential for effective communication.

Before we dive into the main question, we will provide a comprehensive explanation of how these time prepositions are used in different contexts. You will learn the specific situations when 'in,' 'on,' and 'at' should be used, supported by examples to solidify your understanding.

Once we have grasped the fundamentals, we will move on to an intriguing question from the NDA and NA Exam I - 2023. Three parts of a sentence will be presented, and your task will be to identify and correct the error, if any, among the options. We will carefully analyze each part, explain why one particular option contains the error, and provide the correct version.

But that's not all! To test your knowledge further, we will also include a fill-up question related to time prepositions. Share your answer in the comments section below and engage with fellow language learners in our vibrant community.

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Thank you for watching, and let's explore the captivating world of time prepositions together!

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