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BhashaLab Ultimate English Pedagogy Hackathon, 21st January 2024

BhashaLab Ultimate English Pedagogy Hackathon is an online pedagogy design competition open to all teachers, researchers and English language enthusiasts above the age of 21.

What is this competition about and what exactly is going to happen? 1.To put simply, Pedagogies are teaching techniques.

2. The competition aims to carry out a 'manthan' of pedagogies.

3. This will enable the development of innovative teaching techniques and a lot of peer learning.


The objective of the hackathon is to promote language pedagogy innovation and peer learning. The participants, in teams of 1-3, will design pedagogies for one of the following four themes:


1. Teaching English Grammar to students in a classroom setting. 2. Teaching how to read to students in a classroom setting. 3. Techniques for providing constructive feedback to learners. 4. Techniques for checking the comprehension levels of language topics For queries: Contact: +91 86577 20901, +91 97021 12044


  1. Registrations open - 20th October 2023

  2. Last date for registration - 14th January 2024

  3. Last date for FINAL PPT submission - 17th January 2024

  4. Online Pedagogy Presentation. We like to call it Pedagogy Launch. Questions will be asked after each presentation. Also, immediate feedback will be provided. - 21st January 2024

  5. Announcement of results on Social Media - 29th January 2024

REGISTRATION FEES: No registration fees.


1. Filling registration form 2. Submitting PPT (PPT Template will be provided after registration) 3. Online presentation (All PPT submissions will get a chance to present. The objective is to learn from each other)

Let us understand better about this competition.

1. Kindly read the following scenario to understand about the competition better. Please note that this is just one example provided to give a better idea of what to expect. If after reading this you have further queries please direct them to our WhatsApp - +91 86577 20901.

  • Girish and Tavasya are friends. They share a love for English language.

  • Girish is an architect while Tavasya is an English teacher.

  • They decide to participate in the BhashaLab Ultimate English Language Pedagogy competition together.

  • They fill the registration form.

  • Within 24 hours they recieve a call to brief them about the competition.

  • Also, PPT template is mailed to them.

  • Girish and Tavasya work on their pedagogies and use them on actual students for a specific period eg. 2-3 weeks

  • They document the complete journey showcasing the progress of their students.

  • They add the relevant proofs of the effectiveness of their pedagogies in their PPT.

  • They make the presentation on 21st January 2024.

2. The idea is to not just develop pedagogies, but also to test their effectiveness. Implement the proposed pedagogies by applying them in real classroom settings with atleast 2 students for a duration of at least two weeks. 3. This will also provide a chance to the language enthusiasts to understand what actually works and what doesn't.


1. Clearly defined learning objectives

2. Presentation of Initial assessment data 3. Explaining the actual pedagogies used, along with evidence - assessment data, actual classroom photos etc. 4. Innovation and creativity in the pedagogies used 5. Simplicity and how easily can the pedagogies be replicated and scaled 6. Inclusivity - Is the pedagogy suitable for students from different backgrounds? 7. Final assessment data showing the actual effect of the pedagogy


1. Atleast one laptop/ desktop per team with internet connection 2. Minimum 30 Mbps internet speed 3. Google Meet 4. Clear, working mic 5. There should be no disruptions or background noise


1. All proposed pedagogies will be published in the BhashaLab Ultimate Language Pedagogy Compendium with due credits. 2. Top three teams will be given winners certificates. 3. All other participants will receive participation certificates. 4. All winners and participants will feature on the prestigious BhashaLab Leaderboard.

  • 1st Position - 500 Leaderboard points

  • 2nd Position - 350 Leaderboard points

  • 3rd Position - 200 Leaderboard points

5. All other participants - 100 points 6. Announcement on social media channels


For updates related to the competition, follow us on social media: YouTube:


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