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BhashaLab Ultimate Orators - Online English Elocution Competition - 6th Aug 2023

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

BhashaLab is thrilled to announce the "BhashaLab Ultimate Orators - Online English Elocution Competition" on 6th August 2023. This exciting event aims to provide a platform for young individuals to showcase their oratory skills and unleash their potential in effective communication. With thought-provoking topics and a focus on personal growth, this competition promises to be an enriching experience for participants. Read on to learn more about the competition, rules, registration, and exciting prizes!

Objective: The objective of the elocution competition is to foster effective communication, confidence, critical thinking, and personal growth among participants.


Age 10-13: The Importance of Kindness in Today's World

Age 14-16: Building Resilience: Bouncing Back from Failure and Rejection

Age 17-22: The Power of Vulnerability: Embracing Authenticity in a Masked World

Important Dates:

  • Registrations open: 26th June 2023

  • Registrations close: 29th July 2023

  • Pre-competition briefing session: 30th July 2023, 12 Noon

  • Competition: 6th August 2023


  1. Speech language: English

  2. Mode: Online

  3. Speech length: Max 7 minutes.

  4. Usage of cues is not allowed.

  5. Original Content: Plagiarism or use of pre-written speeches is strictly prohibited.

  6. Respectful Language: Use of appropriate language and avoiding hate speech or offensive remarks.

  7. Proper Attire: Dress in smart and decent attire for the competition.

  8. No Props or Visual Aids: Rely solely on verbal skills and body language.

  9. Time Penalty: Exceeding the time limit may result in point deductions or disqualification.

  10. Decisions of the Judges: Respect the judges' decisions.

  11. Code of Conduct: Maintain professionalism and respect throughout the competition.

  12. ID Card: Keep your ID card with you and flash it before you begin.

  13. Registration fees: Nil

Assessment Criteria:

  1. Content

  2. Delivery

  3. Language skills

  4. Originality and Creativity

  5. Time management

  6. Overall impact

Tech Requirements:

  1. Mobile or Laptop with internet connection

  2. Minimum 30 Mbps internet speed

  3. Google Meet and Zoom

  4. Clear, working mic

  5. Background image will be provided by us

  6. Ensure no disruptions or background noise during the speech.

Prizes and Recognition:

  1. Certificates for 1st, 1st runner-up, and 2nd runner-up.

  2. 300, 250, and 200 points respectively on BhashaLab Leaderboard. All other participants get 100 points.

  3. Posts on our website and all social media handles.

  4. BhashaLab course vouchers.

Join the Competition:

To participate in this exciting competition, click here and complete the registration form. Make sure to mark your calendars for the pre-competition briefing session on July 30th, 2023, at 12 noon.

Stay Updated:

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For any queries, feel free to contact us at +91 60053 76502 or +91 86577 20901. You can also reach us via email at

Don't miss this incredible opportunity to showcase your oratory skills and make your voice heard. Join the BhashaLab Ultimate Orators - English Elocution Competition and let your words inspire and empower others!

Stay curious and keep exploring languages.

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