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The Dawn of India's Cricket Journey: Lord's 1932 - BhashaLab Listen - 29th Oct 2023

Question: Who was the captain of the Indian cricket team during their debut Test match against England at Lord's in 1932?

Answer: The captain of the Indian cricket team during their debut Test match against England at Lord's in 1932 was CK Nayudu.


In the heart of England, at the hallowed grounds of Lord's cricket stadium, history was about to be etched. It was the summer of 1932, and India's national cricket team was poised to take its first steps onto the grand stage of international Test cricket.

The Indian team, captained by the maverick and fearless CK Nayudu, had come a long way. Their journey had begun in 1864 when Madras faced off against Calcutta in India's inaugural First-Class match. But it wasn't until 1932, after India's invitation to the Imperial Cricket Council (now known as the International Cricket Council) in 1926, that the nation was ready to make its Test debut.

On June 25, 1932, India stepped onto the legendary Lord's cricket ground, ready to face the formidable England team. The anticipation in the air was palpable as the Indian tricolor fluttered alongside the Union Jack. It was a historic moment that would pave the way for a cricketing revolution in India. England, led by captain Douglas Jardine, won the toss and chose to bat. While their openers struggled early on, legends like Wally Hammond, Jardine, and wicket-keeper Jes Ames resurrected the innings, taking England from 19 for 3 to a total of 259. For India, it was a baptism by fire on the international stage. Right-arm fast bowler Mohammad Nissar, Amar Singh, and CK Nayudu himself displayed grit and determination, with Nissar picking up five crucial wickets.

When India's turn to bat arrived, they made a steady start, reaching 153 for the loss of four wickets at lunch on the second day. However, the Indian innings began to crumble after Sorabji Colah's dismissal at 160 runs. The lower-order fell swiftly, and India was all-out for 189. In the second innings, England extended their advantage by declaring at 275 for 8, setting India a target of 345 runs for an improbable win. However, India's struggle continued, and they were all-out for 187 in the second innings.

While the Indian team faced defeat in their debut Test, it was a monumental moment for the nation. It laid the foundation for future cricketing glory and instilled hope in the hearts of millions. The spirit of CK Nayudu's fearless leadership and the dedication of the players became the cornerstones of India's cricketing legacy.

Interestingly, exactly 51 years later, on the same date in 1983, a Kapil Dev-led Indian team would make history by winning the Cricket World Cup at Lord's, defeating the mighty West Indies.

The journey that began at Lord's in 1932 was a testament to the resilience, courage, and determination of Indian cricket. It was the first page in a story that would see India rise to become a cricketing superpower, with Lord's as the backdrop to many historic chapters.

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