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Understanding Neuter Gender in English Grammar

Updated: 6 days ago

Discussion regarding this topic was initiated by Ms. Kirti Dhillon from Bahadurgarh in our BhashaLab Language Pedagogy Launch Hub WhatsApp Group.

Definition: Neuter gender refers to nouns that are neither male nor female. In English, these typically encompass non-living things, abstract concepts, and sometimes collective or non-specific terms.


  • Objects: table, pencil, car

  • Concepts: happiness, strength, freedom

  • Miscellaneous: entity, object, item

Common vs. Neuter Gender:

  • Common Gender: Refers to nouns that can be either male or female, such as doctor, student, or baby.

  • Neuter Gender: Strictly non-living or non-specific items without any association to sex.

Usage: In sentences, neuter gender nouns are often paired with gender-neutral pronouns like "it."

Key Points:

  1. Neuter gender is distinct from masculine and feminine.

  2. Common gender includes terms that apply to any sex.

  3. Both genders help in accurately categorizing nouns based on their attributes and relevance.

Example Sentences

  • Neuter Gender: The book is on the table. It is very old.

  • Common Gender: The student passed their exams. They worked hard.

Conclusion: Understanding neuter gender helps in proper noun categorization and ensures clarity in communication.

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