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BhashaLab Ultimate Sanskrit Shloka Showdown - Celebrating Eloquent Recitations - 03rd September 2023

Sanskrit, the ancient language of wisdom, carries within it the echoes of centuries, a treasure trove of cultural heritage waiting to be explored. BhashaLab proudly presents the Ultimate Sanskrit Shloka Showdown, an online Sanskrit Shloka Recitation Competition, set to take place on the 3rd of September, 2023. This competition aims to rekindle the love for Sanskrit, improve pronunciation skills, and offer a stage for participants to immerse themselves in the beauty of this timeless language.

Unlocking the Essence of Sanskrit

The heart of this competition lies in its devotion to the timeless Sanskrit verses. With a spectrum of age groups, from Jr. Kg to Adults, each category offers a choice of revered shlokas. The competitors can choose from Ganpati Atharvashirsha (Without Phalashruti), Shiva Tandav Stotram, or Ram Raksha - a selection that encompasses the divine, the profound, and the invocative.

Important Dates to Mark

Registrations open on the 7th of August, 2023, providing ample time for participants to prepare their renditions. The closing date for registrations is the 1st of September, 2023, and the competition day is the 3rd of September, 2023.

Rules that Shape the Elegance

For the event to be a seamless experience, certain guidelines are to be followed:

  1. Language: The recitation shall be in Sanskrit, paying homage to the ancient language's charm.

  2. Mode: Online

  3. Duration: Each participant shall have a maximum of 10 minutes to embrace the shloka's essence.

  4. Attire: Proper attire that reflects the solemnity of the occasion is expected from all participants.

  5. No Props: The recitation shall solely rely on the participant's articulation and body language. No props or visual aids are permissible.

  6. Time Penalty: Exceeding the allocated time may attract penalties, emphasizing adherence to the given timeframe.

  7. Decisions of Judges: The judges' decisions are final, upholding the integrity of the competition.

  8. Code of Conduct: Respect and professionalism shall be maintained throughout the event.

Assessment Criteria - The Parameters of Excellence

To acknowledge the eloquence in recitation, the assessment criteria will focus on:

  1. Pronunciation: The correct enunciation of the shlokas, honoring the language's phonetic beauty.

  2. Correctness: The flawless recitation of every shloka, capturing its true essence.

  3. Recitation Style: The participant's unique style and ability to bring life to the verses.

The Path of Recognition

Beyond the competition itself, the Ultimate Sanskrit Shloka Showdown offers recognition:

  1. Certificates: The top three participants from each category will receive certificates of distinction.

  2. BhashaLab Leaderboard: Winners will earn 300, 250, and 200 points respectively, while other participants will receive 100 points on the BhashaLab Leaderboard.

  3. Amplified Celebration: The triumphant performances will be showcased on BhashaLab's website and across all social media platforms.

  4. BhashaLab Course Vouchers: The journey of language enrichment continues as winners and participants receive BhashaLab course vouchers.

Empowering Voices, Ushering Excellence

The BhashaLab Ultimate Sanskrit Shloka Showdown transcends a mere competition. It’s a celebration of the eloquence of Sanskrit, a tribute to the profound beauty of its verses, and an opportunity to nurture the love for this ancient language.

Registration link: Click

For Queries and Registration

📞 Contact: +91 86577 20901

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🌐 Website:

Come, be a part of this linguistic journey and let your voice echo through the corridors of time.


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