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The huddle (2/4) - Preparing a workshop for the Mumbai Police

Updated: Dec 31, 2023


  1. The meeting with the officer

  2. The huddle

  3. Pre-workshop activities

  4. The workshop


BhashaLab is going to conduct a workshop for 100 Mumbai Policemen on 22nd and 23rd April 2023. We met with the concerned police officer to understand the exact requirement of the workshop. The details regarding our conversation can be found in the first blog - The meeting with the officer (1/5). This blog details the events which followed.

Huddle at 10 pm

After our meeting with the officer we got into a huddle at 10 pm over google meet.

A: How long is our workshop going to be?

B: 60-90 mins. Batches of 50 each will attend on 22nd and 23rd.

A: We have 60-90 mins to create an impact.

B: What are our objectives for the workshop?

C: 1. Impact 2. Visibility 3. Revenue 4. Contacts

A: Elaborate

C: Our first objective should be to provide an engaging workshop for the policemen. They should leave the hall wiser than when they entered. They should remember us for years.

Our second objective should be high visibility. We should talk about this workshop on social media and with other B2B prospects. Documenting the whole process will help. We should document even this meeting. Policemen are important stakeholders in the society and being able to help them out is the real deal.

Our next objective should be revenue. Revenue could have ranked higher but in this case visibility out does revenue. High visibility here will automatically get us high revenue. Besides, upselling after the workshop will easily help us cover our costs, so no worries. And don't forget these policemen have kids too. If they really like the workshop, there is a chance they may enroll their kids too.

B: Yeah, we can come up with a discounted offering especially for relatives of these policemen.

C: Absolutely! Our last objective should be to create good contacts and rapport with each of the participants there. We never know when we might have to call on them.

A: (Laughing) Call on them for what?

C: (Smiling) Some of them may go on to become senior officers. We can then call them as chief guests.

A: Alright! I guess we have our objectives in place. Let's get down to the first objective. How are we going to make an impact? What is the workshop going to be about?

B: I have an idea. As discussed, the workshop needs to be for everyone - for those who know English and those who do not, for those who are attempting a competitive exam and for those who aren't. Right?

C: Right!

B: Can we teach them how to introduce themselves well in English?

A: What kind of introduction are we talking about?

B: Two self introductions - 1) Confident handshake self introduction 2) Tell me about yourself interview / speech self introduction.

C: One short, one elaborate, for those who know English and those who don't.

A: (Nodding) For those who are giving exams and for those who aren't.

'Self Introduction in English' has been decided as the topic for the workshop.

'A' called the officer to inform him about the choice of topic and the rationale behind it. The officer liked the idea. He added ..

Officer: Can we also include 'How to be polite?'. These youngsters need to understand that they can get their work done by being polite.

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