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The meeting with the officer (1/4) - Preparing a workshop for the Mumbai Police

Updated: May 17


  1. The meeting with the officer

  2. The huddle

  3. Pre-workshop activities

  4. The workshop

The meeting with the officer

BhashaLab has a workshop coming up for Mumbai Police on 22nd and 23rd April 2023. 100 policemen will be attending the workshop. These are some of our behind the scene planning notes and thoughts for the workshop. We would love to hear your ideas too. Let us know how we can make this workshop better.

The three star police officer who got in touch with us for this workshop heads a unit of around 100 Mumbai policemen. He wanted an English workshop for his young unit. The unit consists of 78 policemen in their 20's and the rest in their 30's or above.

BhashaLab: Sir, what exactly is in your mind?

Officer: I need an hour long workshop for my young unit. It can be related to exam preparedness.

BhashaLab: Right. Which exam / exams will these policemen be attempting?

Officer: Most of them will be attempting the MPSC. Actually, I want to motivate them to attempt the exam. However, they lack good English skills. 90% of my unit is from rural Maharashtra and have not had an 'English' environment. Some of them may even be fluent in English, however, that number is negligible.

BhashaLab: Right Sir! How many of these 100 may actually attempt the exam?

Officer: (Thoughtful pause) We can expect around 40 of them to actually attempt the exam.

BhashaLab: Got it Sir. If only 40 out of the 100 may be contemplating giving any such exam we need a workshop which is 'NOT' extremely steeped in exam preparedness. It needs to appeal and add value to the rest 60 too.

Officer: Right! Sir, we would be alright with whatever you think is the best. Just that the kids should take something away from the workshop.

BhashaLab: Understood Sir. Please allow us some time to come up with something appropriate.

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