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Result Announcement: BhashaLab Ultimate Sanskrit Shloka Showdown Competition - 4th Sept 2023

A Celebration of Sanskrit Elegance!

In a celebration of the rich heritage of Sanskrit, the BhashaLab Ultimate Sanskrit Shloka Showdown Competition was held on the 3rd of September 2023. We received a tremendous response from across India, with a total of 38 registrations. On the day of the event, 28 passionate participants graced us with their mesmerizing recitations.

The participants were divided into different categories, ranging from the youngest learners in Jr. Kg to 3rd Std, to the budding talents in 4th to 8th Std, and the accomplished performers in 9th to 12th Std, as well as our esteemed adult participants.

The heartwarming and soulful recitations included verses from Ganpati Atharvashirsha, Shiv Tandav Stotram, and Ram Raksha. Each participant showcased their dedication and devotion to the Sanskrit language.

Announcing the Victors:

In the Jr. Kg to Std 3 Category:

1st Place: Siya Bhagwat from DES Pre-Primary School, Pune

2nd Place: Tavasya Deshpande from Udayachal Primary School, Mumbai

3rd Place: Manan Padalkar from Cambridge School, Mumbai

In the Std 4 to Std 8 Category:

1st Place: Devashree Kale from Vidya Valley School, Pune

2nd Place: Om Khare from VPM's Sou. A. K. Joshi English Medium School, Thane

3rd Place: Anay Joglekar from Shree Mavli Mandal High School, Thane

In the Std 9 to Std 12 Category:

1st Place: Anushka Gangal from Ramnivas Ruia Junior College, Mumbai

1st Place: Soham Sonawane from New Era English School, Nashik

2nd Place: Meera Khare from VPM's Sou. A. K. Joshi English Medium School, Thane

3rd Place: Shravani Jaware from Mahilashram High School, Pune

In the Adults Category:

1st Place: Nilima Kulkarni, Thane

2nd Place: Geeta Joshi, Mumbai

3rd Place: Priyanka Sheth, Mahad, Raigad

Our hearty congratulations to all the winners! Your incredible performances have earned you a prestigious place on the BhashaLab Leaderboard. Along with this honor, you will also receive certificates and course vouchers.

Special Thanks to Our Esteemed Judge - Mrs. Pradnya Suhas Khasnis

Mrs. Pradnya Suhas Khasnis, an academic luminary with a Diploma in Bhakti from Mumbai University, an M.A in Sanskrit from Nagpur University, and an M.Phil in Sanskrit from Mumbai University, graced us with her profound knowledge and wisdom. As an active Sanskrit educator and a passionate proponent of the language, her presence added immense value to the competition. Thank you, Mrs. Khasnis, for being an integral part of our celebration!


Stay tuned for our next exciting competition, scheduled for the 2nd of October, featuring Marathi Poem Recitation. Follow us on social media to receive regular updates:

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Once again, congratulations to all our winners, and thank you for being a part of this celebration of language, culture, and talent!

Warm regards,

BhashaLab Team


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