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Pedagogy 1 - How to teach nouns?

Updated: Dec 31, 2023

Title of Pedagogy: Noun Ninja

Author: BhashaLab

Institution / Affiliation: BhashaLab

Summary: The Noun Ninja pedagogy is designed to help learners develop a solid understanding of what nouns are, and how they can be used to communicate effectively in English.

Learning Objectives:

  • To be able to identify different types of nouns

  • To understand how to use nouns correctly in sentences

  • To recognize common errors and how to avoid them

Prerequisites: Basic understanding of English grammar and vocabulary


  • Whiteboard and markers

  • Noun flashcards (can be created by the teacher)

  • Worksheets (can be created by the teacher)

  • Timer or stopwatch

Methodology: The Noun Ninja pedagogy incorporates a game-based approach to teaching, where learners compete against each other in identifying different types of nouns.


  1. Introduction: The teacher introduces the concept of nouns and provides examples. Learners are given a short quiz to test their existing knowledge of nouns.

  2. Noun Flashcards: The teacher creates flashcards with different types of nouns and provides definitions for each. The learners are split into groups and the teacher holds up a flashcard. The first person in each group to correctly identify the type of noun wins a point.

  3. Noun Hunt: The teacher provides a list of nouns and learners are given a set amount of time to find as many nouns as they can in a given text. The learner with the most nouns at the end of the time limit wins.

  4. Noun Sentence Construction: Learners work in pairs to create sentences using a given set of nouns. The teacher checks each sentence for accuracy and awards points for correct usage.

  5. Conclusion: The teacher reviews the different types of nouns and provides additional examples. Learners are given a final quiz to test their understanding.

Mental Focus: The Noun Ninja pedagogy engages learners' cognition, imagination, and competitive spirit to help them develop a strong understanding of nouns.

Assessment: The teacher assesses learners' understanding of nouns through quizzes, sentence construction, and other activities. Rubrics are used to evaluate performance and provide feedback for improvement.

Conclusion: The Noun Ninja pedagogy is an engaging and effective way to help learners develop a solid understanding of nouns. By focusing on different types of nouns and using a game-based approach, learners are able to improve their understanding of English grammar and communication.


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